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Who are we?

Kancelaria Prawni.pro is a product of many years of experience, contacts, mutual trust and friendship developed when the Partners were colleagues in a major law firm in Wielkopolska providing legal advice to Economic Operators, Public Entities and other Institutional Clients.


At the time of establishing the Chambers the professional experience of the Partners added up to nearly three decades. The competences and aptitudes of our lawyers are complementary, which allows us to deliver the most favourable outcome.

It is our top priority to understand business needs of the Client, in particular the specific characteristics of the sector in which the Client operates, and to design optimal legal solutions tailored to those needs, presented in a comprehensible way meeting the Client’s expectations.

We make every effort to provide legal aid of top quality both in substance and in efficient application of our advice by the Clients. We adopt a comprehensive approach to our Client’s affairs, always taking account of all the circumstances and conditions of the legal transactions concerned as well as the consequences of the solutions we design.

The current Partners of Kancelaria Prawni.pro and the managers of the Team of the Chambers, are: the general partners Patrycja Pakuła-Sielska and Marcin Jan Grzesiak as well as the limited partner and authorised signatory Tomasz Cwojdziński.

The partners of the Chambers are supported by a Team of Lawyers experienced in various fields of law, in particular – but not limited to – those corresponding to our fields of expertise.


The combined experience of members of the Team of the Chambers dedicated to execute specific orders allows to complete even the most complex interdisciplinary tasks. The lawyers at Kancelaria Prawni.pro have unique experiences, in providing both current legal advice and legal support in the implementation of complex projects, including those based on the provisions of the Public Procurement Law Act, the Public Works or Service Concession Act, the Public-Private Partnership Act.



We apply modern IT solutions and a package of electronic legal information systems providing access to the most recent judgments, rulings and decisions of courts and bodies as well as to legal doctrine. As an environmentally friendly business, we endeavour to only use digitalised documents.


Logotype of the Chambers

In shape and colour the logotype of the Chambers refers to the jabot of the robe – the official attire of legal advisers.

In shape and colour the logotype of the Chambers refers to the jabot of the robe – the official attire of legal advisers. The rather loose reference is intended both as a metaphor of modernity and of the high level of competence and standards of legal aid provided by a legal adviser, a profession invested with public trust. Blue, a colour associated with persistence, reliability and creativity, reflects the traits which we endeavour to reinforce in ourselves as a Team. Navy blue suggests internal discipline and order, our distinguishing traits, silver – trust and discretion – the fundamental principles of the legal aid we provide, whereas red indicates our energy and dynamic in approaching affairs of our Clients.

We look forward to cooperating with you.


Marcin Jan Grzesiak
Patrycja Pakuła-Sielska
Tomasz Cwojdziński