Legal proceedings

Legal proceedings as the ultimate but necessary tool for the protection of the Client’s interests.

Since we realise that taking legal action in a dispute is the ultimate but sometimes the only instrument of asserting our Clients’ interests, in each case we first endeavour to assess the adequacy of legal proceedings to the Client’s intended purpose.

If we find that such legal action (instituting an action, lodging an appeal or an appeal in cassation) may not bring the expected results, we seek an optimal strategy for action aimed at satisfying the Client’s legitimate interests by way of settlement, which allows to avoid expenses without involvement in lengthy and fruitless disputes.

The lawyers of the Chambers have much experience in developing strategies for action at the pre-litigation stage, in litigations (legal proceedings before courts of first or second instance) and enforcement as well as representing the Clients before all courts, particularly in cases concerning:

  • payment,
  • submission of a substitute declaration of will as a consequence of non-performance of a preliminary contract or non-execution of special rights,
  • establishment of an easement,
  • alignment of the contents of a land register with the actual legal status,
  • dissolution of co-ownership of real estate,
  • concerning the effectiveness of the Contractor’s withdrawal from a public contract,
  • as well as a great number of other legal proceedings where the value of the object of litigation ranged from several hundred to several million zlotys.