E-commerce and e-business

The modern side of business.

We provide comprehensive legal services regarding e-business, irrespective of the company size and object, including: B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer, business-to-client).

In particular, we design, prepare opinions on and negotiate draft contracts concerning the implementation in companies of IT solutions (e.g. SAP, hosting, IT outsourcing, service agreements), we assist in the organisation of online shops or other forms of communication between the economic operator with its customers through IT systems, e.g. web applications.

We also carry out audits of the lawfulness of e-business solutions applied by the Clients, particularly those regarding online shops and services supplied electronically. A considerable part of our activities is designing, preparing opinions on and negotiating web design and development contracts.

Our experience in this field also includes comprehensive preparation of a contract documentation package for a major SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) undertaking in Poland.

The above also concerns our support for the so-called start-ups, i.e. newly created economic operators seeking their market positions. Our e-business services primarily comprise issues relating to personal data protection, protection of databases, competition and consumer protection as well as contracts and intellectual property.