Fields of expertise

The number of legislative acts in force in Poland is estimated at approx. 1,100 laws and 6,300 ordinances (statistics according to the LEX Legal Information System – System Informacji Prawnej LEX, as at the beginning of November 2013). The figure excludes:   local legislation adopted, inter alia, by regional and local authorities, applicable in their respective territories, and internal normative acts binding specific addressees. They comprise dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of provisions. For instance, the Civil Code contains 1,088 articles and thousands of paragraphs.

In 2013 alone, by the beginning of October the Journal of Laws, the publication where nearly all the universally binding legislative acts in the Republic of Poland are published, contained almost 1,300 items, particularly laws and ordinances.

Therefore, we are of the opinion that specific fields of expertise, in addition to the ability to efficiently resolve all current legal problems faced by our Clients, underpin the operations of the modern law firm that we are, as a trusted and reliable adviser. It is hardly believable that in the multitude of legal provisions, frequently very complex, a present-day lawyer can be a brilliant specialist in every area.

Apart from permanent personal development, including the keeping track of changes in legislation and analysing current trends in the literature and case-law, our building of the brand Kancelaria consistently relies on continuous strengthening of theoretical knowledge and gaining practical insights into various fields of law and economic sectors where our Clients operate.

Our strategy as defined above hinges on the Team of lawyers whose competences are mutually complementary. Continuous efforts, by individual Team Members and by the Team as a whole, allow to gradually extend the catalogue of services provided by us as specialists.

Specialising in specific fields of expertise not only enables us to offer dedicated and professional services to Economic Operators from a variety of sectors of the economy, it also helps us competently and efficiently provide legal assistance to Public Entities, at the same time making us a solid partner to other Law Firms, the consulting and auditing professions.