Using training in practical applications of law in selected areas is an investment that pays off.

Our legal aid includes conducting specialist training, targeted at both Economic Operators and Public Entities, in practical application of the provisions of public procurement law and labour law. The scope of each training course is tailored to your individual needs.

Furthermore, at your request we may also prepare training in other fields of law, including personal data protection, databases, competition law and real estate transactions.

Becoming acquainted with amendments to the applicable laws and exchanging opinions with practicing lawyers, also to strengthen and systematise the knowledge one already has, may help avoid minor errors with frequently very serious consequences. The acquisition of practical knowledge on available legal alternatives even before taking any measures in a specific situation (e.g. submitting a bid, lodging an appeal, terminating an employment contract) is an investment allowing to achieve tangible savings, including those consisting in reducing the risk of a possibly difficult future dispute, in accordance with the principle that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

In addition to analyses of relevant applicable legislation and case-law, our training courses also comprise case studies, i.e. detailed descriptions of practical situations, allowing to draw conclusions concerning case-specific causes and consequences as well as broader action models. Case studies aim to present both response models worth repeating and potential errors to be avoided. 

The preparation and execution of customised training is supervised by the Partners of the Chambers, i.e. in public procurement – Patrycja Pakuła-Sielska and Tomasz Cwojdziński, in labour law – Marcin Jan Grzesiak.

Our goal is to accessibly and practically present the interpretation of legal concepts and processes important to Economic Operators and Public Entities participating in such legal transactions, particularly as Contractors, Contracting Authorities or Employers.

The degree of complexity of the issues presented, the number of participants and the place of training depends on specific preferences of the Client.

For more information or a detailed offer, please e-mail us.