Operating activities on the insurance market involve expert assistance.

The lawyers of the Chambers have considerable experience in providing legal assistance related to the insurance market in Poland, including the issue of classification of specific business activities as insurance mediation and the so-called group insurance, particularly with regard to insurance related to banking products (bancassurance), with knowledge of the complexity of products offered in that market.

Our services, addressed mostly to insurers and policyholders (Economic Operators), consist in helping the Clients to determine their rights and obligations related to the pursuit of insurance business, endeavouring to facilitate, in an accessible way, a calculation of legal risks involved in the application of particular solutions, taking account of the special nature of often ambiguous legislation and recommended good practices in that regard.

On many occasions the lawyers on the Chambers have prepared, adapted to the applicable requirements of Polish law and assessed in terms of lawfulness:

  • group insurance agreements,
  • applications for accession to group insurance agreements,
  • general terms and conditions of insurance applied to individuals, for one of Europe’s largest insurance companies operating in Poland.