Labour law

The key to a sustainable business development is appropriate human resources management.

We understand that proper management of the Client’s human resources, including labour-related cost optimisation, may be a key factor of the market success of any Economic Operator. Therefore, we offer to our Clients comprehensive legal assistance in matters connected with collective and individual labour law, relying on many years of unique experience of Marcin Jan Grzesiak, legal adviser and partner of the Chambers.

Our legal assistance related to collective labour law comprises:

  • preparation of draft collective bargaining agreements and other company labour law documents, including working regulations, rules on remuneration and the social benefits fund, as well as
  • support (in out-of-court settlements and court actions) regarding: collective dispute resolution, negotiations with trade unions or lay-offs.

Our legal assistance related to individual labour law comprises:

  • audits of employment-related documents,
  • preparation and verification of draft: employment contracts, management contracts, agreements governing liability for entrusted property as well as
  • comprehensive advisory services relating to the conclusion, performance and termination of employment contracts, including the representation of the Employer before labour courts.