How do we operate?

  • Our legal assistance is very flexible and adapted to individual needs and expectations of the Clients, starting from current real-time advisory services (supplied by telephone or e-mail) to preparing draft contracts or agreements to drawing up concise and practical legal information, more extensive analyses or complex pleadings and expert opinions supported by ample reference to the doctrine and case-law.
  • All facts and circumstances related to the legal assistance provided by us are subject to confidentiality, pursuant to the Code of Ethics of Legal Advisers stipulating that a legal adviser must keep confidential and not disclose any information obtained in connection with and in the course of the performance of his or her professional activities. Depending on the expectations of our Clients, the confidentiality obligation may be additionally included in a separate non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or reserved in any other way.
  • We prefer providing legal aid on the basis of permanent cooperation agreements taking account of negotiated remuneration rules, but other forms of cooperation are not excluded. Firstly, entering into a permanent cooperation agreement may contribute to the optimisation of expenses on legal assistance; secondly, understanding that the speed of contact with a lawyer and his or her knowledge of the specific characteristics of the sector in which the Client operates constitute vital factors of fruitful cooperation with our Team, on conclusion of such an agreement the Chambers always designates a contact person or persons dedicated to the Client.
  • Should the Client need to consult any legal issue beyond the fields of expertise of the designated member of the Team of the Chambers, they will ensure contact with our lawyer capable of providing the necessary support to the Client, while remaining at all times ready to assist the Client and give all explanations concerning the legal assistance provided by us.
  • As a rule, we provide legal aid at our registered office in Poznań, contacting our Clients by electronic mail or by telephone, which by no means excludes the possibility of our lawyers to work in other places as required (participation in court sittings, meetings of administrative bodies, in negotiations, etc.).
  • In addition, depending on the needs of the Client, we offer off-premises duty of one of our lawyers at the place and time agreed with the Client.

Remuneration rules – transparency and control

We apply transparent remuneration rules, tailored to the needs and expectations of Clients, where the Client has full control over the costs of legal services.

  • Hourly remuneration As a general rule, we offer determination of remuneration on the basis of effective working hours devoted by a lawyer of our Team to a project, charging for each commenced 0.1 h (one-tenth of an hour) of work at the agreed rates (Basic Rates).
  • Lump-sum remuneration As part of legal assistance provided, in particular by not limited to, for the preparation of summary legal information or an expert opinion, it is possible to determine lump-sum remuneration payable to the Chambers for the performance of a specific operation or set of operations, prior to the start of such performance. We offer a free-of-charge quotation.
  • Mixed remuneration system Under the remuneration system in question, it is possible to establish a fixed lump-sum remuneration payable by the Client on a monthly basis, irrespective of the number of hours of legal assistance used by the Client in that month, equal to the product of a fixed number of hours of work performed by our lawyers and an agreed hourly rate (Special Rate). Whenever the number of hours worked by the lawyers for the Client in a given month does not exceed the number of hours included in the monthly lump-sum remuneration at the Special Rate, the remaining time is added to the time of work by the lawyers available within the lump-sum remuneration in the following months, for an agreed number of months. Where in a given month the number of hours devoted by the lawyers to work for the Client exceeds the above-mentioned number of hours included in the monthly lump-sum remuneration at the Special Rate, further remuneration for operations in excess of the specified number of hours (exceeding the lump-sum remuneration agreed) is established at the Basic Rate as hourly remuneration.
  • Remuneration for off-premises duty of a lawyer of the Chambers at a place indicated by the Client It is possible to agree on separate lump-sum remuneration for off-premises duty of our lawyer at the registered office of the Client in Poznań or elsewhere.
  • Success fee At the request of the Client, particularly in legal proceedings, it is possible to agree on remuneration partly depending on the outcome.